East African Care || Wells and latrines at school
Agricultural education

While on holiday in Kenya, the Dutch founders of East African Care (EAC) were struck by the poverty they encountered there. They also noticed the lack of clean water and sanitary facilities. They realised that with little means, it was possible to make a big difference. With the help of friends and family they started their own foundation in 2004. Working with all volunteers in the Netherlands, all money goes straight to the projects in Kenya.
East African Care supports small-scale projects in Kwale and Msambweni, in Kenya. So far they have contributed to 50 wells and toilets and have started numerous cow and goat projects, as well as a boat project. There are currently over 25 children attending school with the help of EAC. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation supports EAC in educational projects and clean drinking water projects alike.