The Dutch NGO Footsteps into change works together with a local Kenyan NGO with as goal improving the living standards of the Ethiopian refugees living in the area that as well as the local Kenyan tribe, the Turkana.

Many Ethiopian refugees live in this area in refugee camps without protection of UNHCR. They suffer from a shortage of basic necessities such as, water, food, shelter etc. The local tribe, the Turkana also lives far under the poverty line and they think they can get supplies from these camps, which is causing tension between the two groups. The goal of the two NGO’s is to bring these two groups closer together. One of the most important needs for the Turkana is care for their orphans.

The project of Footseps into change that is supported by the MvRF is the construction of family houses for orphans of the Turkana as well as the Ethiopian refugees. They want to start by building 5 houses for 10 children. The MvRF contributed by financing one of the houses.