Human Steps || Construction of class rooms for Indian children that have become victims of child labour

Human Steps is an NGO founded in 2005 Dübendor, Germany. The NGO dedicates itself support people who suffer because of, poverty, war, child labour and human trafficking. The project in India focuses on constructing classrooms for children who have become victims of child labour in Bodhgaya. 250 million children around the world are victims of child labour. In India this amount is 70 million. Bodhgaya is a famous pilgrimage destination for Buddhist. Many Tibetan people travel here for religious reasons. The local Indian communities asks these people to take their children with them as cheap labourers. The target group of this project is the children that have become victims of this practice and give them a chance on education. 2 to 3 classrooms will be build and every working day 4 hours of classes will be organised.