International Children’s care Holland || building houses in children’s villages

the Dutch NGO Internationale Kinderhulp Nederland ( International Children’s care Holland) works together with International Children’s care on a project in Congo, Africa. Congo is one of the poorest countries in Africa and torn apart by decades of war. It is said that 2.5 million people died over the last three years and because of this there are many orphans who are extra vulnerable. ICC started in 2003, with the construction of children’s villages to provide shelter for these orphans. In the children’s village where International Kinderhulp Nederland ( IKN) is active are at this moment 4 houses build. 24 children are living in each house and another 39 are living in Barracks. The goal of IKN is to go collect the funds for two of the houses from Holland. The common target is to build 10 houses to ensure that in the future 12 children will live in each house. At first IKN approached the MvRF for financial support for the construction of the 5th family house which was approved by the MvRF. However the economical situation in Congo has deteriorated so much that IKN was forced to request if the money donated by the MvRF could be used for support in the food program. The board of the MvRF decided, as an exception, to grant this support.