Classrooms at a primary school

The Dutch NGO Support Girls Education Pakistan was founded in 2006 and supports education projects in Pakistan, with as a main target group girls from poor families. The goal of the project that is financed by the MvRF is to improve the existing classrooms and construct new ones at the Shaheen public primary school. The school is situated in the urban slum of Skardu in North Pakistan. The pupils of this school belong to poor and socially backward families that have migrated to Skardu town due to the Indian-Pakistan border conflict. The school is a so called non-formal school, this means that the school does not receive any funds from the government, this is often the case for schools in slum areas. Because of this the school is for a large part depending on small school fees and donor help. The final goal is to provide better education possibilities for girls from socially backward families and offer them better future perspectives.