In 2004 one of the projets was building a kindergarten in Bolivia. In the village Cabeza, 2,5 hours drive south from Santa Cruz are living 400 families. In the village is a primary school for children from 6 to 13 years. If the children want to continue studying they will have to go to a different town. There are about a 100 children in the age group of 3 to 5.
There was no kindergarten for these children and no place for them to be accommodated.  Ayuda en Todas  Partes wants to construct a building for these children with two classrooms, toilets and a proper roof. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation contributed to the cost of the building.

The building will be used as a day care by an organization named PAN. This is a national program that focuses on children up to 6 years. PAN has started 300 day cares in Bolivia. They are financed by the Bolivian government and BID international bank. The children get one meal a day. The parents donate 17 cents per day. With that money learning materials and staff will be paid.

After extensive preparations the Bolivian contractor started with the foundations of the building and building the walls. The group volunteers of Ayuda en Todas Partes arrived Saturday September 11 2004  in Palmar Viruez. The volunteers slept in tents they brought themselves. A Bolivian lady was paid to cook the meals. The volunteers worked for two week on the building. The last day 3 quarters of the roof tiles were on. The building has been officially assigned to the community on the 23rd of September. The contractor finished the rest of the work. At the end of October 2004 the building officially has been taken in use by PAN. 70 children are accommodated now.