A few months ago Sprangers Construction company opened a new office in
the city of Delft , The Netherlands. They requested to  their guest to
donate their gifts  to a project of the Dutch NGO Ayuda en Todas Partes.
With the donation Ayuda en Todas Partes has been able to complete two
projects. They constructed two classrooms extra at the Salato Primary
school in Ngurunit, Northern Kenya. The MvRF also contributed to the
construction of the other class rooms in 2007.  This school has grown so
much that 2 extra class rooms were needed!   Besides this they
constructed a dorm for girls at another primary school in the same
region.  At the school there was already a dorm for boys but none for
the girls. When the project is finished 40 girls will be able to stay at
school under supervision. This is very  important in this region
because the distances to school are often very big which is often a big
obstacle for girls to come to school. The new dorm will attract more
girls and give them a fair chance to follow education.

The pictures show the progress of
both the project so far.