Building a school in Northern India

The level of public schools in Ladakh, Northern India, is very low and because of this only 11 % of the students continue into secondary school. At private schools this percentage is a lot higher. This low level of education at public schools is for a part caused by the fact that teachers change schools every two years and are, because of this, not very motivated to teach. All the quality private schools are situated in the capital of Ladakh, Leh. Many good students in Alchi, 60 km from Leh, and other villages in the area, leave the area to study in Leh or drop out school early because there are no schools to continue studying. The Dutch NGO Prana Planet is helping a local teacher who wants to start a private school in Alchi. This school will be used by the people of Alchi and surrounding villages. The village committee and the community donated the ground on which the school will be build. The MvRF contributed to the building of the school.