Renovation roof of a school

The Dutch NGO Santa Cruz Mission School is working in the Philippines. The project that is partly funded by the MvRF is focusing on the renovation of the roof of the 30 year old Lem-ehek secondary school. Theexploitation cost for the school are paid by a Japanese NGO but this contribution is not enough to cover restoration of the school.

The school has been finished in august and is being used now. The picture shows the school and the roof financed by the MvRF.

In 2013 another project was funded by the MvRF for building an additional fourth class room. The need for this class room was needed because of the success of the project. The three class rooms were too crowded there were simply too many students. Therefore, they decided to expand the school with a fourth class room, the so called High School. MvRF has supported Santa Cruz Mission in 2013 by partly financing this class room.

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