Mobile health centre

The foundation Silent Work was founded by Wiljo Woodi Oosterom. She is still actively involved in the foundation and lives both in Africa and the Netherlands at the moment. Silent Work has projects in South Africa, Mauritania, Rwanda and Senegal at the moment. The first project supported by the Marthe van Rijswijck foundation is a project in Senegal in the Galoya region. This is on the bank of the river the Senegal, bordering Mauritania. In this region there are many Mauritanian refugees in this region there is an local doctor working who also fled Mauritania and established himself at the bank of the river in order to help the local people. A few years ago, Silent Work supported him financially with building a health centre and now they expanded this help with the purchase of a mobile healthcare post/ambulance. With this they will be able to reach more remote areas and help more people.