Renovatie van slaapzalen – 2014

The Masaku school Kenya is a school for disabled children. It is located on the edge of Nairobi the capital of Kenya. Karel Kleijn, the founder of the Dutch organisation supporting the project worked in 2012 at the school via VSO . The school was founded in 1972 by a Dutch Doctor, Dr. Oomen who was working at the time at the local hospital. It is a boarding school for children with a physical disability and it currently houses 170 children. The contribution of the government and parents is far from sufficient to run the school and several programs have been set up to fundraise for the school. The Dutch foundation is mainly focussing on improving the boarding facilities at the school. Dormitories and washing rooms are completely run down and do not offer any facilities for children with a disability. The goal of this project is to renovate these and the MvRF has financed the renovation of one of the dormitories.