The NGO Shishu Niketan is been active in Bangladesh for over 12 years, were they offer support to children with a mental disability and who suffer from spastics paralysis. The project the NGO is working on currently is starting  a “care farm” for young people with a physical and/or mental handicap. The goal of the care farm is to create a home for 6 boys who can no longer be supported at home. Besides this, the care farm will also be visited by children from a different, existing care home, day care and practical education. In total about 100 children will use the care farm. The goal of the farm is to become, for a part, self sustainable. The children that use the farm will be educated and supported in order to make sure that they can accomplish this goal themselves. The land around the farm will be used for growing crops and there will be kept several animals. The Marthe van Rijswijck foundation will finance the Orchids nursery and vegetable garden.

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