Schoolbus for girls

In Morocco half of the population is illiterate. Among women, the rate of illiteracy goes up and among rural women only 11% can read and write.

Together with Association Dar Taliba te Driouch, Stichting Hart voor Marokko wanted to help make literacy classes possible. In 2007 a girl’s boarding school opened its doors to 40 girls from outside the town of Driouche. That was a wonderful start, but sadly that left a waiting list of 80 more girls who also wanted an education.

To address this waiting list, Stichting Hart voor Marokko proposed a schoolbus to take the girls to school every day. A schoolbus is much cheaper and more efficient than boarding school. That way, boarding school is an option only for the girls who really live too far for the bus.

With financial support from the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation, the schoolbus started its rounds in January 2015. When it is not transporting the girls to and from school, it is sometimes used to take orphans on trips, providing further valuable use to the wider community.