Wheelchair van for children

The convalescent care facility of Tirgu Mures has been treating children with disabilities since 2002. Treatment and assistance can start pre-natally and continues until the child turns 18. All necessary types of care are available at the facility, where there are 86 employees who work together with over 100 volunteers.

The convalescent care facility was going very well, but the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation could offer financial assistance in buying a wheelchair bus. Many parents do not have access to their own car and public transport is not an option with a wheelchair. As children get older, and of course bigger, it becomes more challenging to get them to the centre. Every day, some 25-30 children need to make their way there. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation was very glad to be able to contribute to the purchase of the bus.

The new bus now gets the children in wheelchairs to school every day. With room for 4 wheelchairs and regular seating available too, this bus has meant a lot to the both the children and their parents.