Building of a kindergarten and healthcare centre

The NGO Ayuda en Todas Partes was founded in 2003 . It is an initiative by volunteers who in the past gained experience in development work by working for other NGOs.

The goal of Ayuda en Todas Partes is to offer concrete help to communities in development countries by starting small scaled ( building) projects. The projects are focused on improving living conditions and capacity building for a better future. The projects are often focused on children. For example building a day care or classrooms. However some of the projects are focused on the parents and are focused on creating jobs for them.

All projects are started by a group of Dutch volunteers. Before the project starts a contract will be agreed with a local contractor to guarantee that the project will be finished after the Dutch volunteers have left. All the materials and means for the project are bought locally. The projects last in average two to three weeks. The volunteers can offer concrete help in those weeks to the poorest people by literally helping building. The results of the aid are directly visible. The volunteers pay a contribution from which the travel and staying cost are covered. The remaining finances are collected via sponsors, donations and subsidies from governments.