Three new classrooms and more lavatories

Nuestro Futuro, one of the schools founded by Niños de Guatemala, is ready for some new classrooms and beter toilets. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation decided to fund that project, as we have their other successful projects.

Every year since its founding in 2011, Nuestro Futuro welcomes a new, additional class of students. This is fantastic, as it means more and more children are going to school, but of course the building becoming quite cramped. With so many additional students, they need extra classrooms.

Obviously, the children also need to be able to go to the lavatory, but there is also a specific programme of personal hygiene. After lunch, all the children have to brush their teeth. There is no longer enough room, with the growing student population and the small children need to stand on chairs to reach the high basins. There is also a need to separate the toilets to allow for privacy.

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We are proud to have contributed to a project that is growing so well.