A secondary school: El Básico

After successfully starting two primary schools, Niños de Guatemala needed a secondary school, so that their students could continue their education. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation was more than happy to help fund this!

El Básico follows the same basic idea of the two primary schools: students attend school all day and receive a healthy, hot meal so that they can focus on their education. To support this idea, the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation contributed to the basic building as well as the kitchen facilities.

The first set of students from primary school Nuestro Futuro attends El Básico now. In 2017, the first students from El Porvenir will also go to secondary school. By 2019, the school will reach its maximum capacity of 180 students. Luckily the school will have adequate facilities and a big kitchen, to accommodate such fantastic growth. We are very proud to have funded a project that supports ever more children going to school.

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