A new school bus

In 2004, the Ladakh Alchi Institute (LAI), in the Himalayas in India, opened its doors to 6 students. Busses collected both students and teachers and drove them to school, sometimes an hour and a half’s drive. Some students would walk an hour to the bus, but the long journey was worth it for the education the LAI offers.

The school can proudly say it has grown: from 6 students to 150, with a staff of 15. More children in school is great, but the two little vans they’ve had since 2007 are no longer enough to get the children to school through the mountainous terrain.

Prana Planet had a new bus in mind. A bus with plenty of room for the children to travel safely. A bus that could brave the mountain roads, so that 150 children would get to school on time. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation is very proud to see the LAI has grown and that so many children are going to school, so we gladly funded a new bus. A big bus full of children eager to go to school: what more could anyone ask for!


bus 8 bus 5 bus 4 bus 2