Solar panels at a school

At a school in Seringkop, children were still doing their homework by candlelight. The foundation Connected to Namibia contacted us to ask for financial support in realising solar panels.

Seringkop is a village in which formerly nomadic Bushmen have settled permanently. The village has a school that is attended by 200 kids. There are seven classrooms and two storage cupboards that double as the teachers’ bedrooms and offices. The team supports the children in a positive and enthusiastic way, even offering after school activities. Homework, especially in winter, is done by candlelight, which can lead to dangerous situations. The school has no official dorms. The boys sleep in two army tents and the girls sleep in the classrooms.

Seringkop has several species of venomous snake. The snakes come into the classrooms at night and pose problems when students have to go the toilets outside.

The solar panels were installed with financial support by the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation. The results are even better than we could have hoped: the children feel safer and are better able to do their homework, but the school has also been able to get an internet connection now they have electricity. This has provided many additional benefits. We are always amazed at how great the difference can be from what can seem like a small improvement and are thrilled to have been a part of this project.



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