For this project, Sengerema worked together with Misungwi Council and the Tanzania Youth Development Fund.

The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation financially supported a basic training programme for 70 young trainees, such as computer literacy lessons, English lessons, life skills, basic calculus and bookkeeping 101.

Furthermore, trainees attended a 9 day workshop on marketing, promotion, pricing of products, market research, business plan writing and elevator pitching. After starting their own business, trainees were followed with further coaching and monitoring of their business. The funds from the MvRF specifically went to the starting capital of the young entrepreneurs.

The project has been successfully completed with even more students than originally anticipated: 70 trainees joined the programme, where 60 had been planned for. The council ended up funding less than expected but topped up their contribution with facilities, thereby balancing it out. Some funds arrived months later than expected, meaning some businesses were late starting up but this obstacle was overcome and they too have started their businesses.

During the follow-up in June 2017, Sengerema talked to Veronica Pauline, who had started a baby clothes shop with a loan which was going strong for two months at the time. Following her own market research, she had found the best location for her shop and so had moved to that area. With her grant she has successfully set up the shop and is now living independently with her sister while managing to pay back her loan. She reports that her greatest struggle is how to respond to haggling over the price of her goods; she would like to do better at making a sale.