Kune Zuva

The Dutch NGO Kune Zuva was founded in 2000. Kune Zuva means “the Sun Shines” and this is exactly the goal of the NGO: letting the sun shine by giving people a chance for a better life. Kune Zuva has started projects in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

This organisation works through small-scale projects, helping individuals or small groups. By working with people on the ground and checking individually what works for the people the organisation helps, they ensure the projects are effective and direct.
Kune Zuva is particularly active on education projects and other ways of helping people to generate their own income.

|| 5 jaar onderwijs voor vier Mingi meisjes / Meisjesslaapzaal voor een Basisschool

Education for girls – 2004
Education Mingi girls – 2005
Treesleeper Camp – 2006
Support for Haymanott – 2008
Computer & library centre – 2008
Metallurgy education – 2009
Furnishing a prison school – 2010
Toilets at a school – 2010
Clean water at a school 2012
Courses Treesleeper Camp – 2012