Max Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organisation founded by Steven and Joke Le Poole. After losing their young son, Max, to a viral infection, they wanted to turn their deep grief into something positive – that became Max Foundation. Following their personal experience they set themselves the goal of reducing infant mortality through clean water projects in Bangladesh.

Since 2005 Max Foundation has completed 30 projects, giving about 500,000 people access to clean water, lavatories and hygiene training. More than 2,000 wells have been dug and 25,000 lavatories built for the poorest people in Bangladesh and also for schools. Max Foundation has also funded the training of over 330 midwives.

By cooperating with local organisations, Max works efficiently and effectively. As the organisation was started by entrepreneurs, the organisation aims for maximisation without compromising on quality. At Max, they use aspects from their business background to improve the development organisation: operational focus, cost efficiency and standardised customisation. This makes Max Foundation both unique and highly efficient.