The Borana people are nomads. Dhoquelle, where this project takes place, is a small town of 15.000 people. There are not many schools in this area. In periods of drought, children are kept from school to help the family look for water and food for their livestock.

The Catholic Church established the primary school in Dhoquelle, back in 1980. Of the 254 students, only 58 are girls. The school wants to give more girls the opportunity to study, but the parents are keeping them at home. They are afraid that on the long journey to school their daughters will be raped or kidnapped. If the school can provide shelter and food, parents will be more likely to send their daughters to school. There were already boarding school facilities for the boys. For that reason Kune Zuva wants to build a girls dormitory. The dormitory will provide housing for the 58 girls that are already attending the school. In total 100 girls are expected to enjoy the dormitory once it is ready. Half of the building costs are paid for by the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation, the other half by Cordaid. The construction started in de summer of 2005.