Last year November we visited the Treesleeper camp. We were impressed by
the project and the local staff. The project has been running since
2006 and the local management seems to continuously try to improve and
expand their activities. Their work has also been recognized by the
Namibian government they received a grant  to build a lodge at the camp.
The construction of this lodge had already started and the management
of the Tree sleeper camp were very excited about this new development.
However, with this development they are also facing some challenges that
they will have to overcome. The biggest one being the absence of
skilled workers and knowledge in the area. During our meeting they
indicated that it would be very important to let young people from the
community follow different  courses in order to ensure that if the
lodged opened in 2012 they would have enough skilled workers.
At the
beginning of this year we received a proposal from Kune Zuva, their
Dutch partner. Because of the positive experience during the visit we
decided to finance the course and help to contribute to the capacity
building of the project.