The Dutch NGO Sengerema is active in Sengerema, Tanzania. The aim of the NGO is to support, youth from the town Sengerema, who are responsible for taking care of their siblings or other family members. They try to achieve this by helping them starting up their own company. They requested the MvRF to contribute to the third phase of the project. In this phase the starting capital is needed for the youth. The goal of the organization is to support young entrepreneurs by providing a starters capital and help them acquiring the necessary elementary skills for starting a company. They also aim to develop the local entrepreneurs climate by working together with local entrepreneurs organizations and local NGO’s.

The program contains three phases
Phase one: is a basic course for all candidates. The candidates can follow different classes and workshops in this phase.
Phase two: consist of a basic course marketing and accounting for all candidates. After this 1/3rd of them will continue in the project. These students will do a three month internship at a company active in their branch of interest.
Phase three: The starting capital will be divided amongst the students that finished their internships successfully. Besides this, several company spaces must be found and brought in order, inventory must be acquired etc.