House for Girls in Bolivia

The NHP children’s home in Bolivia opened its doors in 2005, offering shelter and schooling to 110 children in 8 houses. Boys and girls are housed separately and are divided by age, though all live together on the same compound. There is a large communal dining area, built to allow for 500 children in the future. There is also a medical clinic, a primary school and a garden project to provide food.

Every year, NPH wants to expand a little to make room for more children among the family. To accommodate more girls, a new house was needed, and this is where the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation could offer assistance. We funded the building of a new house for 16 girls.

At NPH, these 16 girls will be given a safe, new home with a loving family environment. It gives them a chance to escape from poverty, because they can go to school. They will have access to medical care. NHP in Bolivia wants to offer these 16 girls a brighter future.

After a minor delay due to financing, the building of the extra house was completed in May 2015. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation funded the construction materials for the project.