WASH project Amtali Barguna – 2015

Max Foundation supports WASH projects and is already working with 11 local partner organisations that target the poorest and most vulnerable people in rural Bangladesh. WASH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene en is mostly concerns digging wells, building latrines and educating people about hygiene. Max Foundation further extends the project to MAX WASH by training midwives and providing latrines specifically to schools. In MAX WASH the partner organisations work closely with the local population. The combination of these three aspects are very important in reducing infant mortality, according to Max Foundation. Providing facilities at schools is very important because it reduces absenteeism due to illness, but also gives girls the opportunity to attend school despite menstruation.

The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation was very happy to have the opportunity to contribute financially to the WASH project in Amtali Barguna, in Bangladesh. The plan for Amtali Barguna included:
– 52 deep wells
– 2942 latrines (incl. repairs/replacements)
– 30 sanitary buildings at schools
– 62 midwives

The Marthe van Rijswijck contributed to the digging of 32 wells and the building of 30 sanitary facilities at schools. These wells and facilities have now been successfully completed. The rest of the project will end in September 2016.
SW 144 Max Foundation

SW 140 Max Foundation

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