Building an education and training centre

The goal of the ZALA foundation is poverty alleviation and nature protection. Poverty alleviation by providing trainings to youth and women in different areas and by creating jobs. Nature protection  by starting an education program for youth. This education centre has as a goal creating awareness of the  necessity of  nature protection.

A majority of the people live under the poverty line, in the area in Zanzibar where the projects of the ZALA foundation are started. This area, in the middle of the island, only has limited job opportunities and the overall education level is very low. ZALA want to improve job opportunities and education level by starting an education and training centre. This centre will provide  different courses for youth. This will  give them better chances on the overall job market on the island. One of the courses will be a nature guide courses. Some of the youth that are following this course will start working in the nature park. This nature park is a partner of the ZALA foundation. The park has as a main focus nature protection and many income generating activities are started to ensure the park will be sustainable. In the same building as the training centre will also be an education centre. The education part of the centre will focus on creating awareness for nature protection. The construction of the training and education centre is partly funded by the MvRF