Buru Nyakwere

Life on the shores of Lake Victoria is very different from what we know in the Netherlands. It was for this reason Stichting Buru Nyakwere Nederland was founded in 2004. Sinds the founding, they have been trying to close the gap through practical projects that focus on education.

In 2004 Buru Nyakwere started by building 2 primary schools. Ten years later, in 2014, they are supporting 28 schools and 10.000 children. All schools are all supposed to have a minimum of facilities, such as a clean and adequate teaching environment. The foundation believes in creating many basic schools in the region, rather than building one excellent school because that could increase inequality.

Buru Nyakwere wants each of the 28 schools in their area to have 8 permanent classrooms and 2 proper nurseries. All schools should have access to clean water and sanitary facilities. Schools also focus on HIV awareness.

Many schools are well underway to achieving these goals, but others still need a lot of work. At the time of writing, 28 schools still need electricity and 280 classrooms still need to be made dust-free.buru