Healthy classrooms

Stichting Buru Nyakwere, with the support of the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation, has realised a number of clean classrooms in the area of West Nyakach.

The result of the funds provided by the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation is the building of 2 completely new classrooms and 1 office, while 5 other classrooms have properly and safely finished. This allows 400 children to attend school in adequate conditions and a healthy teaching environment. There is no longer the risk of a wall or roof collapsing onto the children.

This improvement of infrastructure means that several children who pulled out of school because of the unsafe conditions, can now return. Additionally, children will now need fewer sick days. For example, they used to be prone to jiggers, little worms that enter the children’s feet through the dirty, dusty floor. With healthy classrooms children will be able to learn better and stay in school.


The results are as follows:
3 new classrooms (2 in Mbugra PS and 1 in Abwao PS)
4 properly finished classrooms (2 in Mbugra, 1 in Abwao PS, 1 in Thurdibuoro PS)
1 properly finished office in Thurdibuoro PS

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