Stichting Buru Nyakwere Nederland (SBNN) works hard towards healthy and good education in all of Nyakach. SBNN decided to focus on several smaller projects over 2017, instead of one big one, in order to attend to multiple schools. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation was of course very happy to be able to contribute to a healthy learning environment!

This project concerned the renovation and building of classrooms, offices and lavatories at 11 school in West-Nyakach, specifically:

  • Infrastructual work on 11 schools with a total of 4000 students
  • 1 brand new classroom in 1 school
  • Renovations and painting of  8 schools
  • Two new blocks of lavatories
  • Work on two new offices at 2 schools
  • This all accomplishes: reduced absenteeism due to illness and a healthy learning environment for the children in West-Nyakach

Of all the planned project, only one was not realised; this project will be moved to 2018. All other projects were successfully completed. It is very important that children can rely on a healthy learning environment for their education. The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation is very proud to have played a part in this SBNN project.

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