In 2018 the NME Mundial foundation started a project that would improve the food security and quality of living of households in the poorest neighbourhoods in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The project was executed in schools and community centres.

In 2018, 348 children from 4 schools helped with the gardening. The foundation built the garden together with the children en planted the seeds. The lessons provided emphasised the importance of nutrition, growing vegetables, contamination, reuse of materials and sustainable use of water.

Since Mei 2019, the foundation also supports a day-care, San Vincente de Paul. Similarly to the schools, the children help in the garden and use the harvest for their own meals. This ensures that the children have a healthy and balanced diet.

In the first half of 2018, 21 families signed a collaboration contract. This meant that the foundation helped build a garden and would provide an educational programme to help the families learn how to maintain it. After the initial 6 months, the agreement may be extended for those wishing to develop their skills in gardening, nutrition and ornamental gardening. After the first 6 months, 6 families continued the programme and 18 new families joined.

NME Mundial’s project allowed families in Cochabamba to receive the neccessary training to improve their food security.

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