High quality education can only be given in safe schools with good facilities. Therefore, the Buru Nyakwere Foundation (SBNN) started various infrastructural projects in Kisumu County Kenya, in 2018. Through these projects, SBNN aimed to improve the safety of the learning environment of young children. The projects were executed at 13 different schools and focussed on building and renovating classrooms, toilets and/or offices. Every project was different and completely prioritised the need of the different schools.

The projects made it possible for more than 4000 children to safely attend school. The results were the following:
– The start of building 1 classroom
– Building a new kindergarten classroom/hall
– Finishing a classroom/hall
– Renovation of 5 classrooms in 1 school
– Painting of 5 classrooms
– 6 new toilets in 2 schools (4 for girls, 2 for boys)
– The start of fencing 1 school
– Working on offices in 4 different schools
– Providing furniture for one school (lockers and chairs)
– Fewer ill children and fewer absentees in all 13 schools

SBNN has been working on improving education in West-Nyakach in Kenya since 2004. They now support over 10,000 children in the region. On their mission they write the following:

“SBNN believes that education is the best way out of poverty. Providing adolescents with a solid education, helps the communities in West-Kyakach. SBNN’s mission is that through a structural and sustainable collaboration with partners in Kenya and The Netherlands, children in West-Nyakach are able to prepare for their future by giving them the opportunity to attend school in a healthy, low HIV environment with adequate infrastructure, teaching materials, qualified staff and a motivated schoolboard.”