Africa Youth for Peace and Development Organisation (AYPAD) took on the mission to safeguard the development of adolescents in 30 countries. By organising conferences, development projects, workshops and providing education they change the lives of adolescents in difficult situations. In Sierra Leone, the organisation focuses on adolescents who have moved to the capital, Freetown, from the countryside. Often they are desperately in need of an income and end up involved in prostitution or criminal activities out of necessity. AYPAD provides these adolescents with an education and accommodation.

Through the Street Children Project the organisation provides education on various topics such as HIV, prostitution, human trafficking, modern slavery and emancipation. After that the adolescents can follow vocational training. However, many of these educations require tools and equipment. For instance, subjects such as mechanics, woodworking and tailoring all require tools. In order to finance this, AYPAD started a project in collaboration with Stichting Betuwe Wereld Wijd/Tools4change.
The following tools were purchased:
– 1 auto mechanic set for 15 students
– 1 carpentry set for 15 students
– 1 metal working set for 15 students
– 10 electric sewing machines

The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation contributed financially to the tools.