Foundation for Orthopedic Research Care & Education (FORCE) helps people with visual or reading disabilities in developing countries to gain access to information. These people might be blind, visually challenged or have dyslexia.

The exam board of the ministry of eduction in Togo worked set-up a braille production centre with FORCE to minimise the delay in education that visually challenged students experience. The exam board is responsible for creating and administering the final exams however, because they didn’t have access to modern braille printers it took longer for the visually challenged children to be able to take their finals. Especially maths and geography were an issue as they include graphs and drawings.

Because of the collaboration between FORCE and the exam board in Togo a new braille printer was imported from Sweden. To ensure that all proceedings would go smoothly the staff followed two courses that not only focused on how to use the printer, it covered maintenance and reparation to prevent future issues.

Thanks to the new braille production centre, visually challenged children in Togo receive equal opportunities to their peers. They are now able to take their exams at the exact same time as the rest of the students in the country.

The Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation contributed to the purchase of the pinter and the braille paper.

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