The primary school in the Buhongo region in Burundi is one of the oldest schools in the country. Due to rapid population growth, the number of children attending primary school doubled in the last 15 years. There had been several attempts to renovate the school but the parents feared that their children would be stuck at home for too long and they would be missing out on their education. They were worried about their children’s future.
Extra classrooms had been built in the past but they were never finished and the foundation and walls were unstable. The walls broke and the roof was even torn off during a storm.

The school was in desperate need of renovation so Soduon foundation, in collaboration with the local association CIDEBU and the parents committee, finished the renovation of the classrooms.

In total, 9 classrooms were added which are spread over 3 blocks. The teachers now have 2 new offices and the building was connected to electricity meaning they can make use of computers and PowerPoint presentation.

Before the renovation each class had around 80 children. Now, that has been reduced to 55-60 children per class.

Because of the new classrooms  the children can enjoy a safe education without the fear of the collapse of the building.