South Sudan is one of the most illiterate nations on earth. Up to 73% of the population are illiterate and 30% of children have never been to school. Of the children that do attend primary school, only 10% receive secondary education.

Kune Zuva foundation wanted to build a new primary school in Thon Abuel in South Sudan to give children a formal education in a conducive environment.

The region was in need of a school that was within walking distance for the young children. When the project started, 81 girls and 109 boys were attending preschool and could immediately enrol in the new primary school when the project finished. Boys and girls were given equal opportunities to attend. Furthermore, gender equality was taken into consideration when hiring new teachers to improve equal opportunities in the job market.

The initiative for the project came from the local community and the catholic church (Diocese of Rumbek). They work hard to stimulate the development of the region and saw the necessity for a strong educational base for the children.

The existence of a primary school in the region helps convince parents to send their children to school. Especially parents who are hesitant about sending their daughters to school. This way the school doesn’t just help improve literacy, but also improves gender equality in the region.

The project was successfully completed in 2017.