In San Jose de Buenavista (Philippines) is a home for girls who have been abandoned and/or abused. It’s a place where girls between the ages of 6 and 18 can find a safe home. In the ‘Let’s care home for girls’ they are rehabilitated and can safely attend school so they grow up to be independent and happy people. The rehabilitation programme takes approximately 18 months after which the girls can return to their families or foster homes.

During those 18 months the girls attend therapy, participate in group work and receive counseling. Furthermore, the girls attend school so they can learn skills that help them with confidence, teaches them necessary skills and prepares them for a strong future. The home also gives extra attention to achieving equal opportunities for men and women in the community.

The home was built in 2011 and needed renovation and expansion in 2018. More girls needed to be taken in but the space simply couldn’t house them. In order to be able to take in more children, a large expansion needed to take place. The building was built to be an ice factory so the walls were thin and the rooms were noisy. There was too little space for all the girls in the dining area and kitchen and the playrooms and studies also needed to be expanded. The bathrooms were in need of new plumbing and the activity room in the garage needed to be made more accessible for the children.

The home also has an eco farm. This farm is a project that generates a profit by teaching the children to grow vegetables and fruits and tend to chickens. The garden was a huge success and was therefore ready to go into the next phase, which included renovation.

Between 2017 and 2018, 24 girls were taken 8 of whom were successfully rehabilitated in May of 2018.