In 2005 a project was started in San Pablo. This is a village where 1500 people are living, divided over 210 families. In the near area are another 9 communities. In San Pablo there is no electricity, except for solar panels  and water is collected in the river. In the village is a little building where baby’s can be checked by a nurse. There is also a small waiting room and pharmacy.
The community is in need of a surgery room for a doctor and two bedrooms for patients with a contagious disease or that have to stay a night.
Ayuda en Todas Partes wants to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life in the village of San Pablo. Money has been collected and volunteers worked in September 2005 on the construction of the building. Also this construction was being supervised by a local constructor. The volunteers were divided into two groups. One Group made mortar because there are no concrete mixers. The other group was responsible for the brickwork.