Klaartje Derks stayed in Kisumu for 6 months in 2000 to do research for her thesis for her study biology at the university of Wageningen. Together with a local acquaintance, Mrs. Pabari, she went into the local slums to distribute food and clothes amongst the orphans. Three weeks after graduating in Oktober 2000 Klaartje Derks lost her life in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Because of the huge financial contributions that came in after her funeral her parents decide to start an NGO to support the children in Kisumu.

The MvRF supports four orphans, who successfully finished primary school. The coming two years they will attend further education at a boarding school. Lilian, Peter, Samuel and Daniel will go to school from January 2005 to December 2006. Their living cost and education will be covered by the MvRF.

The MvRF received reports of the first year and the results are excellent. Daniel, Samuel and Peter are all going to a technical school. Lillian is following an education to become a hairdresser. With this education the children hope to have better opportunities on the labor market.