Proshanti is a new shelter in Bangladesh, built together with the Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers Association (BNWLA) for underage girls rescued from prostitution.

The project gives a safe and comfortable home to the girls, where they can stay for as long as they need. They will receive counselling and they can go to school so they can be rehabilitated and they can become independent before flying out to build their own lives. Without this opportunity, many girls would end up on the streets or in prison, or they might again fall prey to human traffickers. The Proshanti shelter will offer the girls the opportunity to build a life for themselves with the tools for independence.

Before the shelter could become a new home for these girls, it still needed furniture. This is where the Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation could help. In November 2014 the house was ready for the new occupants. We gave the financial support to buy things such as beds and mattresses, but also a new refrigerator, so the house could truly become a home for the girls.