Extension of sewing school

In Riosucio the Liliane Fonds runs a few sewing schools for the families of children with disabilities. Many such families lack the resources necessary to take care of disabled children. The sewing school gives mothers the opportunity to learn a trade after which they can find a job or work from home. Sometimes the children themselves can follow a course at the sewing school.

The workshops in Riosucio needed to be extended and they needed more and better materials. The available space has been extended, there are new machines and 40 people have been trained in various techniques. These 40 people are heads of families or children with disabilities.

With their new knowledge, the students can find a job or start their own company. Because of the extensions and having more machines the production has increased and more people can be trained.

The original goal had been to train 30 people, mainly heads of families with children with disabilities. There were 6 children who joined the courses themselves and an additional 2 mothers, bringing the total up to 38. Indirectly, 150 people benefit from this project, such as family members. Additionally, the project provides social integration as the children with disabilities leave the house and play with other children, while their mothers meet other mothers in a similar situation to their own.

Due to the extra income, the sewing school is self-sufficient. This means they can continue to run their various programmes. We are very proud of these excellent results!

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